Wednesday, February 17, 2010

today .. time went very clam ...but its grt !! .. i went to my frd home ..its fine but we got a pro !! ....they got some project work ... its related to IC ..i found to be very interest on that topic !! i used my talent on that ..over it came out !! fine  ..hey guys my frd r 3 rd year cbit .. see there r using books but i used my brain ..which i doing the work since 2 nd class i used that talent soo ... be use the brain ..!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Check out Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

Title: Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the leader
  i heard that leader is having 1000 men back person ....this is wrong !
 in my view  a leader is greedy person ..yeah   i will tell u  ....greedy thing show in there work nd he thinks that all the matters must reach to there followers this leads to goal   !!
 every time he must think abt negitive way becoz   a negitive way teach the how it came ...finally it leads to positive !!   a leader must not  go in one way ...he must think all the thoughts ..means u must kno all the views of all the people
 a leader must think a lie becoz he i'll get abt the truth !!
a leader must see back than he can jump more forward
a leader dose not have any goal but he must have the sound of the goals
one main think that a leader must not think he is a leader !!  he is common man in the socity nd he never fell hard nd pain while doing his work ... leader leader leader leader   selute it !! leader

 dont follow the leader just go behind him !! thats all !! jai hind !!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

today i just the machination of body ..its wonder nd i got the thought that y we r born nd y we r producing nd y we r dieing nd our remembers, thoughts , our album after death where there r going ..its waste of use .. y this happening ?? this process like coming nd going restless !!
 once i got that no one are humans in this world except me !! i think my mind is going some where !!
i feel that i am the person in the whole world nd i want to shift the modes like one day me nd another day one more person ..wat is doing now  wat is going on his life ??? y we cant change the characters we seen in games nd and movies day i we feel that i across the this state in dreams !! y iam getting in my dreams !! my dreams r future tellers ha ?? i kno this all stupid but its happen to all of them !!
just remember that we a connect to some unkno sources ...we r one unity ! once think abt the birth nd death !! i am not understanding this at all !!     

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

first they came for the communists
and i didn't speak up,
because i wasn't a communist .

then they came for the jews
and didn't speak up,
becouse i wasnt a jew

then they come for the catholics
and i didn't speak up,
because i was a protestant

then they came for me
but by that time was no one
left to speak up for any one ..
martin niemoller

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

every student want to become some thing nd their hopes clearly to there goals !!

but every student is not interest in all subject although they views r kept in right way but they never get anything !!
now a days Indian education so good that ever seen in the world but the worst is teaching !!
how stupids r they !!

they r trying to mug up all the things in text book
in my IPE college my SIR evenly they explain in exam point of view !! wat is the use of this !!
we r trying to upload the data in to brain exam we r putting !!!
wats they r trying to all student ...
likely my friend brother is a topper in all exam nd good well ranker in all.. finely he got job nd he got a pen drive heeee ..that guy asking wat is this ?? how it is useful to us ?? heeeeee!!! wow its wonderful !!
he dont kno the world nd he not a achiever person !!
wat is the use to get in topper nd i think he must get a award of mug up nd

u kno wisdom nd knowledge is lot of different between them
so my way is while learning the things think abt y it came .
plez dont mug up its pressuring ur brain !!
u r view must clear stuck in middle its very hard than who dont kno anything !!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

why we r in the earth !!

soonly i will come to topic any body can have there experience wit out .........

ok than................ my life is started as like as wake up nd than running across the time till i went to bed ..i dont kno this is life ..wat is this stupid in we r in not in race.we got one chance to get in the world we dont kno abt the rebirth nd we r not a super man hmm!! to live long life. go go think like we r unique ..dont be foolish by r u self running across same bore life . be in different way so this way must be a way of leader !! search a platform where u r prefect nd go on u r life platform is scientist so i will rule on that platform !! wat abt U ?? u must kno that r u doing right now think abt y it came ..dont follow the way just find out how it come over ur a unique nd soonly excellence will kick u back !!!! i dont belive in practice make man perfect . it is same like feeding things in to ur brain ...just understand the topic nd think abt y it came ?? ..for wat it came ?? nd y we r using that ?? just put ur brain on that ..we r not a computer .it must be operate some one kno .. y we r so too !! see guys ur platform must search u r self ....!! once feel about small relation ship it will never get again nd just do wat mind seeks to do !!

I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.......Abraham Lincoln .